#BackToSchool Marketing Strategy Day

Join other leading schools on Friday 29th September 2017 for a FREE marketing strategy day for schools. We call it #intSchoolsLIVE

Get inspired, and spend a day with @intSchools, and other school marketers, to help get the most out of digital marketing this academic year.

The world of tech/web/mobile/social is changing more rapidly than ever. 

We are opening up our 'Secret Box' of tricks, sharing our 'Magic Sauce' - and letting you into our creative, digital & social world (which is rather fun)!

Friday 29th September

179 South Street
6th Floor, Room 2

9:30am - 3pm
Cost: FREE (whoop whoop)
Coffee/Tea and a light lunch will be provided.




  • NEW TRENDS for 2017-2018 Academic Year
    • Founder & CEO @SimonNoakes will be sharing his thoughts, research and intel on:
      • what has changed the past 12 months? A quick year in review (lots has happened!)
      • what is NOW important, and what IS NOT in the coming year
      • the future of #SchoolMarketing
  • Put the User at the Centre!
    • Stop buying technology!! FIRST understand the different needs and journeys of: 
      • prospective families
      • current families
      • alumni
    • Deliver effective Parent Comms. Stop being “Busy Fools"
  • Make your Marketing STAND-OUT
    • Your school is unique, so why does it look like every other school. It shouldn't. Let's ignite your creativity ;-)
    • Develop 'buyer' personas
    • Understand WHY people choose your school
    • Deliver a campaign to attract your prospective families
  • What is a #ContentStrategy? Stop chasing content!
    • Put in place a workable architecture to an effective social naming strategy
    • How to create and manage an effective content strategy that works for your school.
      • WHAT stories can you tell?
      • WHERE should you tell them?
      • WHO will be telling these stories?
    • Learn to curate ‘content experiences’ for your stakeholders
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - what does Google care about?
    • How does your school website perform?
    • 20 actionable steps you can take away and start implementing
  • Using Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads
    • Which PPC/SEM & Social Ad platforms should you be using?
    • Learn how to measure ROI easily and drive admissions