Marketing Strategy Workshop for Schools - 10th March - Worcestershire, UK

Join other leading UK schools on Friday 10th March 2017 for a FREE marketing strategy workshop for schools. We are calling it #intSchoolsLIVE

Get inspired, and spend a day with @intSchools, and other school marketers, to help get the most out of digital marketing this academic year.

The world of tech/web/mobile/social is changing more rapidly than ever. We are opening up our 'Secret Box' of tricks, sharing our 'Magic Sauce' - and letting you into our creative, digital & social world (which is rather fun)!

Friday 10th March


Malvern St James Girls' School
15 Avenue Road
Great Malvern
WR14 3BA

9:30am - 12:45pm

Cost: FREE (whoop whoop)

In association with Malvern St James Girls' School
Coffee/Tea will be provided.



  • 9:30am // Registration
  • 10am (40 mins) // "Make your School Website & Marketing STAND-OUT" 
    • Your school is unique, so why does it look like every other school. It shouldn't. Let's ignite your creativity ;-)
  • 10:40am (40 mins)  // "BUSTED: Social Media Myths. Why your teachers should be tweeting!"
    • The fear of Social Media in schools is driven out of ignorance, not knowledge. Do you need to pull your #Head out the ground and start understanding how to use social media - but more importantly ‘content channels’ more effectively. Humans are driven by the need to be happy, part of a community and the need to share good news. Social Media is the conduit to achieving this. Don’t let someone else’s negative story impact your brand. Start telling your own stories, and watch your community share, like and retweet around the world. Learn about reach, social influence and the importance of your digital brand.
  • 11:20am (25 mins) // Coffee
  • 11:45am (60 mins) // “Parent Engagement: Are you talking to your parents effectively” 
    • During this session, you will learn to how to streamline your parent communications - delivering the right information, at the right time AND in the right channel(s). Learn to publish content ONCE, and aggregate it into all available communication channels (website, mobile, apps, signage, email & print). Parents are your best ‘salesforce’ and want to brag about their children and your school. Are you giving them enough rich content for this to happen easily - without spending lots of time putting it together?
  • 12:45pm // Wrap up/leave