Is your school using #SocialMedia effectively?

Social Media should be at the heart of your school communications - as communities thrive on positive stories, and quick access to the amazing things your school does.

I believe that every school is different, and we need to elevate the #SchoolStories that drive this authenticity. This requires change and transformation within the school too.

Are you on Facebook and Twitter - dabbling with Instagram - scared of Snapchat - and publishing the same content to lots of channels? Why?

Are your social handles inconsistent, and lacking a #hashtag strategy?

Importantly, do your teachers understand social media?

How can we help?

Marketing your school in 2016

  • How to market your school in a 2016 world
  • Mobile first thinking
  • Understanding the behaviour of your school's parents
  • Transforming your school's culture towards storytelling
  • The future of school websites?

Advanced Social Media

  • How to get your school verified on Twitter, Facebook
  • Using social cards to increase awareness, and conversions
  • Creating native content

Developing a #ContentStrategy

  • Creating a blueprint for your content success
  • How to get stories from teachers/staff
  • How to create and design your social assets
  • Email marketing
  • Website User Experience (UX)


  • How to measure with Twitter/Facebook/Google Analytics
  • Setting up dashboards/reporting

What makes us different?  

  • Second-to-none Social Media Strategy & Insight
  • Top-to-bottom analysis of your Social Media Channels
  • Creating a #ContentStrategy Blueprint
  • Listening, understanding, and analysing through Goal Tracking & Dashboards
  • Social Analytics, Persona Sentiment, Tracking and Reporting
  • We 'get' schools, we 'get' marketing, & we 'get' technology
  • We work with the BEST SCHOOLS around the WORLD

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