4 Social Media Tools to Promote a School Event

It doesn’t matter which kind of event you are promoting – sports, concert, alumni etc. - social media can be an inexpensive and cost effective way to create hype and fill seats. Here are 4 social media tools your school can use to promote an event:


Make sure you are always blogging about the event - before, during and even after.

  • Blogging before the event acts as an alert to potential event goers and gives a personal touch to your event.
  • Blogging during the event means people who cannot attend don’t miss out on key parts of the event.
  • By blogging after you create a recap of the experience. People can look back on what happened and may encourage them to attend the next event.


What better way for people to remember your event that with photos. A post and tagged photos of your event on Flickr helps generate interest in your event from those that attended and followed via your social channels.


You can obviously update your status about your event, but do not overlook the power of Facebook Events. Simply create an event from your school’s Page and you are on your way! Offer competitions to entice sharing and create a buzz.


A great way to promote your school event via Twitter is by creating a new hashtag. To create a hashtag just simply use #EventName and encourage people to tweet using your hashtag. Give people reason to tweet or retweet your hashtag by offering free passes, prizes or giveaways etc. for a lucky hashtagger.