4 Ways to Promote your New School Mobile App

With more and more schools creating apps and integrating them into their marketing strategies it is becoming increasingly important for schools to promote their app in order to maximise the apps potential. 

In some ways creating a school app is the easy part, the hard part can sometimes be getting people to download it. The reason this can be so hard for some schools is that marketing apps is something they are new to.

Here are 4 easy ways to promote your new school apps:

  1. Send out a letter to parents and students. Let them know that your new app has been launched and is ready to download. Explain the benefits of downloading the app. 
  2. Let students know via assembly. Explain why the school app will be useful for them.
  3. Send out an email. Sending an email with a link to the app gives the student or parent direct access to the app.
  4. Remind via social media. If the first 3 ways didn’t lead to enough downloads then this will surely work. Social media is an essential marketing ingredient to any communications strategy regardless of downloads. Not only will social media advertise to your students and parents, it will advertise to a prospective parent or student. 

Remember, this is not an exhaustive list of ways to market smartphone or social media apps. We can help you with your strategic marketing or digital marketing efforts - not only for apps but for websites, prospectuses etc.