5 Tips for Schools on Twitter

Schools are joining the Twitter party at a rapid rate. Our research has shown that 73% of independent schools have at least signed up to Twitter. However, many schools struggle to be successful on the platform. There is a lack of knowledge and strategy.

These 5 tips can significantly improve your school’s Twitter performance.

[1] Have a Plan

It is essential to have a plan on Twitter. What are you going to tweet about, when are you going to tweet, who is going to tweet? These are simple questions that you need to answer. There is nothing worse than seeing a deserted brand on a social platform. By deserted we mean an account that has not been updated in a long time. You know the kind. The ones who set up and account in excitement but don’t deliver. 

[2] Keep to the Plan

Sounds simple, but its important and people often don’t stick to plans. Make sure your plan is realistic. Don’t over commit yourself. Don’t say “I’m going to tweet 50 times a week” if you can’t achieve that. Have realistic expectations. 

[3] Be Authentic

Social media works for brands because can be personal on a human level. Schools should be no different. Showcase what makes your school different. Tell the stories that happen every day.

[4] Engage

Don’t be afraid to communicate with others. Without two-way communication, you lose the social element of social media. Marketing is much more successful when there is not just one-way communication - that’s just advertising.

[5] Measure

Always measure your social activity. How many retweets do you receive per tweet? How many tweets are self promotional? These are simple metrics to use to measure your Twitter performance. 

Make sure you perform branded searches on Twitter on regular basis. You have to understand the sentiment around your school’s brand. 

Do positive things come up when you type your school into Twitter? Are there any negative news articles that appear?

Try out these 5 tips and let us know how you get on in the comments or on Twitter.

Tweet us (@intSchools) with #SocialScore to find out your score on Twitter. This can be used to benchmark your performance.