6 Reasons Your School Should Adopt Twitter

Twitter is one of the hottest properties on the web right now. It seems everyone is Tweeting but schools have not been as active as others.

Schools can heavily benefit from the use of Twitter and here’s why:

  • Simplicity – the idea, the usability and the ease of use is so simple that anyone can adopt. Some people may be afraid to use new technology but Twitter is so easy to use anybody at your school can use it.
  • Concise Communication – because you can only use 140 characters you must be concise. This allows students, parents and governors etc. to be able to understand your message a lot clearer and easier.
  • Quick Communication – sometimes we all need to let people know of urgent information. Schools are no different. Twitter gives a direct link to parents and students of school news. For example, with one tweet you can let every student and parent know that the school is closed for the day because of snow.
  • Variety of Platforms – you can use Twitter from almost everywhere: on your PC, laptop, mobile, smart phone, tablet device etc. This means that no matter where your target audience is you can communicate with them and vice versa.
  • Excellent Learning Tool – you can learn so much more about your school and students by using Twitter. You can also keep up in real time with education news and hear other opinions. Asking your followers questions can be an essential research tool.
  • Inspire – people share what inspires them and using Twitter allows you to have access to inspiration. It can help you and your students create something magical.

Twitter really is a great tool to use and it should have a place within schools.

Let us know what you have done to implement Twitter into your school!