6 simple, but effective, social media campaigns


These 6 campaigns are a great way for schools to develop their creative uses of social media.

Some schools use social media to tell their story - but where is the inspiring content?!

Take a look at some of these ideas to develop your inspiring content strategy.

[1] Twitter Poetry

Challenge your pupils to a poetry competition. The only rules? Stick to the 140 character limit!

A haiku would work excellently, due to the 17 syllable constraint. Perhaps you should call it a #Twaiku? (Sorry!)

How about this…

“When you send your first tweet, you will want to repeat…”



[2] Vine Lessons

Can you teach a whole lesson in 6 seconds? Probably not, but you can explain a theory, or idea.

The 6 second limit will keep the lesson concise and will allow you to be creative. It could be a person speaking, a stop-motion animation, a drawing? There are lots of ways you can teach using Vine.

6 seconds is a lot longer than you think. Maybe start with explaining a haiku in 6 seconds!

[3] Tumblr Book Reviews

Create a Tumblr blog purely for book reviews. The purpose of this is to encourage pupil participation. It is a simple way to develop your community and to publish pupils’ work.

Tumblr is an interest-based channel for building communities. This is why it works so successfully for creating mini-communities within schools.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at these three dedicated book review blogs on Tumblr:


[4] Instagram Art

Showcase your beautiful and inspiring art work on Instagram. People on Instagram are in visual and inspired mode - this means art will resonate with them.

Don’t post everything at once. Stagger the posts to about one a day. Instagram is real-time, meaning people will scroll through chronologically (just like Twitter!).

[5] Pinterest Design

Pinterest is a social channel that people use when they are in shopping and aspiration mode. They like to view physical objects and materialistic items.

This is why showcasing the objects your pupils create can work so effectively.

Create a board for all of your school’s design work.

Follow omar zahir’s board Design & Technology projects on Pinterest.

[6] Snapchat Visual Tests

Schools are afraid to use social media to communicate with pupils - in particular, Snapchat!

Snapchat is the Twitter of today. Years ago schools were scared of using Twitter, but there were clear uses! Fortunately, this has shifted somewhat and schools are now embracing Twitter.

Snapchat can be used for visual memory tests. Teachers can set the time (1 to 10 seconds) that the visual appears for and then test the pupils on their memory.

It can also help reinforce a particular idea or subject. For example, which US President is this?


Why do we suggest using social media as part of learning? Not only because it can be an effective teaching tool, but it can also teach kids how to use social media responsibly.

The addition of some thought and creativity can really make a difference to your social media engagement. Will you be using any of these ideas?


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