7 Alternative Things to do with your HMC Notepad

This year, we're sponsoring some fancy new gadgets at the #HMCconf15. We're sponsoring notepads. Now if you're like us and you aren't quite sure what these notepad things are, then Google is your friend.

According to Wikipedia...

A notepad is a small book or binder of paper pages, often ruled, used for purposes such as recording notes or memoranda, writing, drawing, or scrapbooking.

 So they're a bit like an iPad, basically.

We figured a lot of Heads will be digitally connected. So to make use of the notepads, here's 7 alternative things you can do with your 'Official #HMCconf15 Notepad':

1. Recreate your school logo

This is pretty simple, in theory. Just draw your school logo on to a piece of paper.

However, some schools have detailed crests - and that's going to be tricky to get right.

Share your attempt!

2. Build a paper plane

You must have tried this before... no? The key is to not get caught flying it when there is a speaker. Build it, then fly it in the exhibition hall. Just don't knock down our stand.

3. Play naughts & crosses

Ahh the classic game of naughts & crosses. Challenge the Head next to you to a quick game.  Make it best out of 7 wins.

Turns out we're actually terrible at this game.

4. Make a fan

It can get quite hot up in Scotland, so it might be a wise idea to make yourself a fan to keep cool.

It is Scotland that's hot, right? Well the shorts and shades are packed.

5. Convert it into a cup

Need a drink of water, but have no cup? Worry no more. Here's a quick tutorial on how to create a cup out of paper... that you can drink from!


6. Decorate your school in fancy HMC wallpaper

Got any new development projects coming up? Does your reception need a face lift?

We've got the answer. All you need is some HMC notepads, and some glue (or sellotape).

Look at the transformation.

7. Use them as stepping stones around the exhibitions

Make your exhibition journey that little bit more exciting. Lay out your journey using pieces of paper as stepping stones, and navigate your way through the exhibition.


Do you have any more ideas? Share them with us using #HMCnotepad.

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