9 #FutureJobs your children will be doing by 2025


According to the World Economic Forum’s 2016 report, The Future of Jobs, it is estimated 5 million jobs will be lost to automation by 2020 (a number that will likely continue to grow). Jobs involved in office work and administration, manufacturing, and even law are likely to be hit the hardest.

With such dynamic shifts in the availability of work, which jobs should we preparing our children for? 

An unknown working future

...so how do we best prepare pupils for the unknown?   @JESSDubai

...so how do we best prepare pupils for the unknown? @JESSDubai

We are in the middle of a huge tech boom. While highly interesting, it is leading to some very unpredictable implications on employability. Artificial Intelligence and robot workers are already influencing the skills most seen as most desirable by employers

Creativity and innovation, and digital literacy have shifted into the the most sought after skills; replacing things like people management.

Jobs of the future (possibly)

[1] Data analyst

Data is everything! More demand will rise for talented analysts to help guide tech innovation.

[2] Drone manager

As drones lose their current stigma and become a standard part of many services (think surveillance or delivery), organisations will need experts in managing and driving company standards on their drone fleets.

[3] Health carers

 With medical tech prolonging life and the world's population steadily growing, the demand for health carers will continue to rise. 

[4] Productivity officer

Making people more efficient in their roles is always going to be an important drive for businesses. As new roles become defined, there will need to be the right people to help ensure these untested waters are undertaken well.

[5] Financial analyst

We are already seeing the effects of cryptocurrencies (i.e. Bitcoin). As finance becomes more digital we will need amazing financial analysts to keep everything in check! Could we be moving into a world with just one currency?

[6] Human-technology integration specialist

Enter the world of cyborgs! Specialists will inevitably be needed as tech becomes a part of the human body. Not only this but jobs will rise to simply guide more people in how they can integrate more tech into their lives for the better.

[7] Market research analyst

Marketing will not go away, so the need for analysts will remain. We predict that marketing will be an interesting mix of AI, as things like chatbots and tailored content continue to develop, and human interaction to keep everything feeling more "human".

[8] Wholeness mentor

Mindfulness and wellbeing continues to permeate into many aspects of our lives. It is not unreasonable to believe that more emphasis will be placed on life-coaches for a world that lives longer and healthier than ever before.

[9] Transportation specialist

Self-driving cars and autonomous transportation are a very close reality. We will need trained people to ensure the infrastructure of these vehicles and how they operate on the road / on the tracks / in the air / in the water if safe for users.


What jobs do you think could be a major part of your pupil's future? We'd love to know. Please comment below.