Find your perfect #SocialValentine

First of all… Happy Valentine’s Day!

To celebrate, we’ve put together this fun guide for you. Find your perfect #SocialValentine by following the flow diagram.

It is a basic guide to help you understand that social is all about telling stories in the right places. What is the right channel to share the piece of content that you have?



Which channel is perfect for your school? Tweet us @intSchools using #SocialValentine.


We thought it would be interesting (and kinda funny) to personify the social media channels into lonely hearts ads. Each of the main social media channels are going to try and sell themselves to your school.

They will introduce themselves, tell you what they can do for you, who already uses them, and how many users they have.

Let the #SocialDating begin…


“Fast paced, and loves to chat. Keeps things short, but sweet. Interested in what’s happening at your school right now. (M, 25)”

I am your your channel to tell stories in real-time. It is your ‘what’s happening’ channel.

My demographic is slightly male-orientated, and has a medium age range.

I have 288 million users, and I am growing.



“Have close connections with family, friends, classmates. Interested in what’s happened at your school today (F, 30)”

I am your channel to keep an archive of ‘what’s happened’ at your school. You’ll only share to me once or twice per day with the highlights. I love photos, videos, and links to your website.

My demographic is very broad - but is currently it is weighted to females and the older age range.

I have 1.39 billion users. I think that says it all #HumbleBrag.



“Perfect partner to watch TV and listen to music with. Often discovers the next big thing. Interested in videos of events and life at your school (M, 27)”

I’m your channel to post long-form videos to. Got a video that is over 1 minute long? Share it with me!

I want to see videos of events, and life at your school.

I am already being used by 1 billion people. I am the second largest search engine in the world.



“Professional photographer who has seen the world. Interested in photos of events, trips, life at your school (F, 28)”

I’m not the most popular channel at the moment, but parents love me! I want to see photos of events, trips, activities, and general life at your school.

I am used by slightly more females, than males. And my age range is slightly higher than most.

87 million people are currently using me. Not the biggest audience, but I am perfect for schools.



“Spent too long planning dream wedding, dream house, first child’s outfit, holidays. Loves fashion, art, photography. Interested in your school’s creative work (F, 29)”

I’m your channel to share creative work, from your pupils. People use me to share fashion, art, photography, and other creative work.

I am a great tool for learning and inspiration.

I am being used by over 70 million people. I am small, but my community is strong.



“Young and loves artsy photos. Self-proclaimed photographer. Loves food, and selfies. Interested in beautiful photos of your school (F, 23)”

I am your channel to share photos and short 15 second videos of life at your school. All you need is a smartphone. Take a photo, and I can help make it more beautiful.

My demographic is younger than most. And I am used by more females, than males.

I have over 300 million users. More than Twitter - can you believe that?



“Creative guy who lives life in the fast lane. Get ready for infinite laughs,  and a whole load of fun! Interested in short creative videos of life at your school (M, 21)”

I’m your channel, if you want to share short creative videos. People don’t want to sit through loooong videos. Just take a short video on your smartphone and share it out with me!

I am easily embedded into tweets, and your website. Give me a go!

My audience is most young, and slightly more males use me. But that doesn’t matter, people will see my videos in your tweets! My big brother Twitter owns me, after all :)

I’m currently used by 40 million people.



“Loves cats, quotes and a good GIF. Interested in trips, sports, art etc. at your school (F, 23)”

HIYA. I am the fun, quirky modern way of telling stories.

I am your place to share stories about interests and topics. I am particularly popular with other schools for trips, sports, art, boarding, year groups etc.

I like to see photos, videos, text, audio etc. I am kinda the ‘catch all’ channel.

I am particularly popular with the younger female audience.

420 million people are currently sharing with me.



“Will get the chequebook out for a date. Send your CV to apply. Interested in chatting with alumnae, parents, and sixth-form (M, 29)”

I’m your channel to connect with professionals. I want to connect with your alumnae, parents and sixth-formers.

My age range is higher than the norm. I am also being used by more males, than females. However, this has started to even out over the past couple of years.

I am being used by 347 million professionals around the world.



“Young, trendy and hip. Loves posing and partying. Looking for somebody to take selfies with! Interested in snapshots of life at your school (F, 20)”

I am more than just selfies. I am being used to capture moments around the world. If you want to get people’s attention, and you want people to see your stories, then I am the channel for you.

People have to hold the screen to see your content. Which, means their eyes are on you!

Over 100 million people are using me, and I am valued at $10 billion. That’s how much people believe in me!



“Bit of a quirky hipster. Not many people know me, but I am there! Interested in hearing music, podcasts, audio from your school. (M, 26)”

I am the channel to use for your audio content. I want to hear sounds from your concerts, music performances, podcasts, school radio etc.

I am a great learning tool too. Some schools use me to practise their modern foreign languages.

I have 250 million users. Pretty good going, huh?


Hopefully, this has given you some insight into where to share your stories (as well as made you laugh a little?!).

Finally, wanna play a game?

Click/tap to stop the Vine.

Who did you get?

Let us know which channels you use at your school, and why. @intSchools