Geosocial and the Importance of Mobile Friendly, Geotaggable Websites

Social is now mobile. More than half of social media access on Twitter and Facebook is through mobile devices. And some social channels are exclusively mobile, think Instagram, Foursquare, Path etc.

Twitter have even come out and suggested that mobile users were more important than desktop users. A big shout, certainly. Instagram was, of course, born on mobile and now look at it! It boasts over a whopping 90 million users and was worth $1 billion when Facebook originally agreed to buy it.

Geolocation is exploding and here’s why:

  • Almost every social media channels offers the ability to geotag your location
  • Search and social is becoming local
  • Mobile usage is huge, and will continue to grow
  • Brings offline, online

Demand for geo-taggable content is rapidly growing. This is not only because it helps determine relevancy, but due to its ubiquitous connectivity approach.

Social and mobile are now becoming symmetrical with real life, and location is a key ingredient to this. Schools have so much going on outside the school, and geotagging content will serve a great experience to visitors. Its the next level of detail that people now expect. 

Location is in abundance, especially on mobile devices, and if users expect it then your school needs to deliver. It is being integrated with every day and especially search. Foursquare have made a big push with search on their latest version of their apps and Google is constantly growing its local features. 

How much of your marketing is focussed on geosocial and location? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.