How Augmented Reality is Changing School's Marketing

RGS Augmented Reality App

Augmented reality is the current buzzword floating around the mobile marketing world. Many marketers are excited by the prospect of using augmented reality in their campaigns. If you are not familiar with augmented reality then carry on reading. If you are then jump to the next section!

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is a view of a real, physical environment that has been augmented by a computer-generated overlay. Make sense? Hmmm. It’s probably better if you see it in action! 

Bringing Prospectuses to Life

Schools have begun to bring augmented reality to the prospectus – this is the natural progression of the prospectus. We are pioneering this approach and it is great to hear some of the forward thinking school’s ideas for augmented reality. However, many schools are still not aware of the advancements that their competitors are making and it is important that they do not get left behind.

The augmented prospectus aims to blend the beauty of printed prospectus with interaction capable in the real world.

Preview New Buildings

When proposing or demonstrating a new school building it can be difficult to really get across the feel you receive from the visual experience. The ‘feel’ you achieve when showcasing a physical building in the real world environment leads to a much more emotional attachment.

Having a 3D augmented reality app of the building allows people to get not only the feel for the surrounding environment but they also receive a much more richer visual experience.


Analysts are predicting that augmented reality will really aid the way we learn. Apple have tried to revolutionise textbooks by releasing iBooks textbooks for iPad. Augmented reality textbooks have been released in Japan that bring characters on the page to life. Although it doesn’t have the level of interactivity that a tablet-exclusive textbook can achieve, it certainly has an advantage of functionality without the cost of buying iPads for all students.

Why is augmented reality so popular?

  1. Its an exciting new technology
  2. It is accessible anywhere, to all – the majority of people own smartphones
  3. It often has a viral effect – people want to share this with their peers
  4. It has richer content capabilities
  5. It is hugely interactive and engaging

Do you have any ideas for augmented reality? Contact us and we can discuss!