How schools can use SoundCloud


What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is an audio platform, which schools can use to share, collaborate and promote audio recordings. Schools use SoundCloud to share recordings of music performances, and podcasts.

What can you do on SoundCloud?

SoundCloud offers the opportunity for your school’s audience to discover the music performed, or created, at the school.

Podcasts are also a very popular type of audio content for schools to upload to SoundCloud.

Who is SoundCloud for?

The main target audience is the current community at the school:

  • Parents
  • Pupils

Parents can listen to musical performance that they may have missed out on. Pupils can also use SoundCloud for podcasts, debates etc.

SoundCloud is a popular channel for the younger audience. However, this would not be relevant as the sounds shared on SoundCloud will be sent directly to your school’s audience (email, Twitter, website etc.) rather than discovered on the platform.

What to share

SoundCloud is built to share audio clips. Schools should be using to platform to distribute audio recordings of individual music performances, concerts, student radio, pupil/teacher podcasts etc.

Schools can use SoundCloud to share the following:

  • Concerts
  • Music performances
  • Podcasts
  • Languages
  • Radio

How often to share?

It is unlikely people will regularly follow and refresh your SoundCloud feed. However, they may end up on the channel and will want regular updates.

Your school will be using channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, website, email newsletter etc., to update people on new sounds shared on SoundCloud.

Weekly posts to SoundCloud is ideal for a school, but consistency is key with posts such as podcasts.

How do you use SoundCloud at your school? Are you planning on introducing SoundCloud? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter.