How to Promote a School Contest with Social Media

Contests are really popular within schools, whether they’re put on to encourage and reward good work, for charity or just for fun! Social media can be an incredibly influential tool for contest promotion, but only when implemented correctly.

Have a Plan

Whenever you aim to engage your target audience using social media, you should always think about your overall goals. What is it you want to achieve? We believe having 3 goals is a good starting point. An example could be:

  • Drive pupil engagement
  • Expand our school’s brand
  • Create initial connections with prospects

Share With Your Super Fans

Everyone has them, the followers/fans who will share and connect with everything you create. These are the Super Fans. Much of the content you share will get lost in people’s feeds so share your contest directly to the people who you know will share your contest as well as enter.

Keep People Interested & Engaged

Stay involved with your audiences and create opportunities for them to engage with you. This makes it more likely that they will talk about the contest, which is exactly what you want!

How has your school used social media in contests? Let us know in the comments!