Improving your school's content with #SocialScore

Our #SocialScore has become the go-to metric for schools to understand how well their tweets resonate with people. We want to show how you can use your score to help improve the content that you share.

Here are four ways that you can better your content using #SocialScore:

1. You are communicating to people

It sounds simple, but it is often overlooked. There are people at the end of a screen looking consuming your content. By remembering this, you tailor your content for real people to share.

#SocialScore is designed to show how people share your tweets.

2. Amplify your content

By not limiting yourself to a single social media channel, but also others, will help Increase visibility.

We’re also seeing schools using sub-accounts that are more focussed on specific sides of the school. If your school does have multiple Twitter accounts, then make full use of it.

We find that sub-accounts often have more engagement. This is because the content is tailored, and specific to an interest. If somebody is following the school’s sports account, then they are interested in sports and much more likely to retweet and share the content.

The other school’s accounts should be used to amplify your content and increase the reach. The key is to ensure relevancy - only retweet content that is relevant to the specific account’s audience.

3. Quality over quantity

If you only have time to share good quality content once a week, then tweet once a week. Don’t tweet because you have to; tweet because you have exciting stories to tell.

By tweeting ‘average’ content, you will dilute the experience and lower expectations. Most of the content you share will be hidden behind a link, and so you want your followers to feel confident that the content behind the link will interest them.

4. Tell stories

People relate to stories, and there are so many stories happening at your school. Share these stories because people emotionally connect to stories. And when there is an emotional connection to a piece of content, people are much more likely to share it.

If you want to find out your current #SocialScore, tweet us @intSchools using the hashtag and we will give you your latest score!