Get ready for #SocialAdvent 2017 🎅🎄


Each year, schools all around the world share their inspiring #SchoolStories throughout December. Each day there's a new challenge to tackle and share with your community. We call it #SocialAdvent.

Will you be taking part?

The #SocialAdvent Challenge 2017

December has been a firm favourite at @intSchools HQ over past years. We put lots of time into making this challenge as fun as possible for schools wanting to get involved.

This year we are looking to make our fourth #SocialAdvent challenge the greatest one yet, with a record number of participants across a global audience. To make it extra special, our creative elves have been hard at work - coming up and designing a bigger, better and refreshed #SocialAdvent to spread festive marketing cheer throughout December. 

Get involved!

Download the #SocialAdvent Calendar using the links below. We have created two versions for you:

  • poster - download and stick onto your wall

  • foldable desk calendar - download, fold in half and keep on your desk

What do I do?

The rules are simple. Each day we will ask you to do a festive challenge using social media. This could be posting your favourite Christmas joke or creating a time lapse video. Everything is shared across social media using the #SocialAdvent hashtag. At the end of each day, on Twitter, we'll pick a winner. 

Use the links above to print off a full-size version of the #SocialAdvent calendar. Time to start planning each day 😉

What do I win?

Pride. Glory. Your school's immortalisation behind a #SocialAdvent window. Everything you could ever want!

What happened in previous years?

Need some inspiration? Want to know which schools won a challenge? Take a look at some of the amazing content we saw for #SocialAdvent 2016

The reach of this challenge has increased year-on-year. In the past four years, we have seen:

  • over 80 schools from 14 different countries taking part

  • over 3 million people have been reached from all accounts taking part

It was fantastic to see different social media channels being employed for #SocialAdvent. While Twitter was (and still is) the primary platform being used to share content, we saw fantastic stuff going out on Instagram and Facebook.

REMEMBER to use #SocialAdvent for every post so we can see what you are publishing 👍

Let's make this the best #SocialAdvent yet! We'll see you Dec 1st 👍