#TBT and Other Top Hashtags


“Posting nice content on social media alone is outdated as the black and white TV, keying into current trends, trending hashtags, searchable keywords and share-ability are the new social currency” - Jerry Oche

Does your school make use of the mighty hashtag (#)? We wrote a blog on the power of the hashtag and are strong believers in this powerful symbol!

Not only do hashtags play a huge role in categorising content, but there are also mighty hashtags out there to include in your #ContentStrategy. These can easily be scheduled in for every day at the start of the week, allowing you to sit back and watch the engagement roll in!

Here are some of the top, easy hashtags to get your school involved with:

MONDAY - #MondayMotivation

Use #MondayMotivation to share out inspirational quotes at the start of the week.

Tuesday - #TransformationTuesday

Try out this hashtag for any big changes that your school undergoes. Had a new development on site recently? Had a beautiful new @intSchools website designed? Share it out, stick on the hashtag.

Wednesday - #HumpDay

Wednesday is known as hump day as it falls in the middle of the week. Use #HumpDay to showcase any great work that has happened in that week so far.

Thursday - #TBT

#TBT, also known as #ThrowbackThursday is one of the biggest hashtags out there. Have a large archive of photos at your school? Use this hashtag to showcase these stories from the past. This hashtag is great for driving alumni engagement and showing the rich history of YOUR school.

We recently used this hashtag to showcase the wonderful transformation of the Talbot Heath School website.

Friday - #FridayFeeling, #TGIF, #Friyay

So you’ve made it to the end of the week and are feeling ready for the weekend! Celebrate the achievements of the week by sharing a short photo or video of your students doing something great! Why not share out a GIF showing your excitement.


Why not be creative with your school naming and create your own hashtag for a day of the week? Need advice on how to do this? Comment below to get in touch.

Wanting to own social media but need extra help? Get in touch with our social team (social@interactiveschools.com) now and our team of #DigitalJedi will show you the way!