Top 20 most useful #hashtags for educators


The amazing, spectacular world that is hashtags tends to elude the best of us, even more so when you’re an educator. And somehow they still remain an ever important part of the online world. Whether you’re searching for a particular subject or writing a post, knowing which hashtags to use is key.

These 20 #hashtags will offer you a convenient and easy list to help you stay in the loop and join the important conversations on Twitter.

[1] #EdTech

Technology and education are forever intertwined, whether we like it or not. The advancement of tech is doing wonders in revolutionising teaching; and if you want to keep on the forefront of what’s going on, it’s a good idea to tune into the #EdTech hashtag.

This will give you constant source of education technology ideas, new tools for students, and how other educators are putting technology to good use in the classroom and beyond.

[2] #Edchat

#Edchat is a great platform of discussion for teachers and other education professionals to talk about everything all things education.

Edchats take place regularly on Twitter - with educators from all around the world coming together and discussing what’s current and sharing ideas. Be sure to follow the hashtag to see what amazing and interesting topics are brought up

[3] #Learning

Yes, that’s right, learning! As obvious as it sounds, these hashtags are often overlooked but could prove key to getting to the right conversation. Any time you think of ‘learning’ you think of education, so this will not only reveal a community with similar thoughts, but place you right into the middle of them too.

[4] #Teaching

The #teaching hashtag in education give you a summary of everything relevant to teachers.

By following #teaching, you will have access to a multitude of ways that teachers are educating students, social media. Some great posts we have seen recently include graphic novels and augmented reality.

[5] #Leadership

Even though #leadership transcends education, it’s a very important skill we must teach kids. Therefore, it’s a conversation you need to be aware of.

Teaching children to become leaders is by no means an easy task, so these conversations could prove an invaluable tool, giving you insight into how guide the leaders of tomorrow.

[6] #Elearning

Stay ahead the future of education by following #Elearning. Just about any teacher can find news, inspiration and help for starting or expanding Elearning in their classroom.

[7] #STEM

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is so important to our future as a society. In this day and age, demand in these sectors are going to skyrocket, so it’s now incredibly important to nail these subjects.

The #STEM hashtag unlocks a multitude of discussion containing valuable information you can use in the classroom.

[8] #EdApp#EdApps

If you’re on the hunt for learning resources to use in your classroom, #EdApp is an awesome hashtag to follow.

Through #EdApp, you’ll be able to find apps for learning, including mobile and web apps. You’ll find newly discovered apps, updates, and ideas for getting the most out of these powerful educational tools.

[9] #Student#Students

#Students! It’s these guys that we are doing this all for, so how could me not include them?!! 

The great thing about the #students hashtag is that it gives you a different angle to learning. What are the students around the world doing and how can it benefit you?

[10] #Leader#Leaders

Much like #Leadership, #Leaders is another way for you to get into a similar discussion. Using both will give you an even larger reach for resources and tips for inside and outside the classroom.

[11] #Edreform

The future of education is currently at a crossroads, with many are joining the discussion on how we might improve the state of learning. Tune in to find out about ideas for reform, what’s being done,  what’s working and what’s really wrong in education today.

[12] #Education

From boarding schools to learning from home, this can all be found under the #Education hashtag. This is often a fast paced resource, with plenty of users taking sharing their content.

[13] #School#Schools

With hashtags, it can be hard to know where exactly to start, but it’s actually easier than you think. Start from the beginning.

#School is the perfect embodiment of education from around the world. It’s at these very institutions where all the greatest people in the world started off and on of the first to mind when thinking about this subject. This hashtag will expose you to a large community of school from all around, with all different teaching styles.

[14] #Classroom

Keeping your classroom engaging as much as possible is a really tough challenge. And that’s where this hashtag comes in, it will you find helpful tips and advice on anything classroom related.

[15] #ForestSchool

#ForestSchool is full of perfect example of what classrooms are lacking nowadays. Too much time in a classroom can start to make children feel trap, but knowing what to do within them outside presents its own problems. The seemingly endless list of ideas will make lessons more enjoyable for both you and your students.

[16] #OutdoorLearning

#OutdoorLearning is essentially a slightly less specific version of #Forestschool (as not all schools have forest school) but is no less a great hashtag to use. It will expose you to even more ideas of what to do with your own students.

[17] #BlendedLearning

For those who don’t know, blended learning is a combination of both virtual and face to face learning. By staying tuned in, you will be in the know with future of education and how to get the right balance between Elearning and face-to-face.

[18] #EarlyEd

Early years can quite often be lost in the noise when it comes to education, and that’s exactly what this hashtag helps prevent. Giving all the early ed around the world a platform where they can share ideas.

[19] #PassionDrive

We felt like we wanted to add this in despite the fact that it’s not education specific. This is because without passion or drive, how are you as teachers going to shape the hope for tomorrow. This hashtag is full of ways in which you can stay motivated and motivate others.

[20] #UKEdChat

As it suggests in the name, #UKEdChat is a more localised EdChat for the UK. Much like the other one, #UKEdChat has a weekly live chat Thursdays at 8pm. Tune in to sharing your skills and experience and learn some new ones.

BONUS HASHTAG: #InspiringSchools

Come join the @intSchools' online community by adding #InspiringSchools to your tweets, or follow the hashtag for hints, tips and updates on everything from social media, independent schools and wellbeing. 

Don't run off just yet, we have one more tip for you! It's all good telling you to follow these hashtags, but how do you actually do that? Here is a quick step-by-step for Twitter.

  1. Open Twitter on your homepage.
  2. Perform a search in the top right.
  3. Once you are on the search returns page, click the three dot More icon.
  4. Select ‘Save this search’.
  5. Perform the search regularly to track the hashtag.


And there you have it, all 20 (plus an extra one) of the most useful hashtags for you on Twitter. Go out there and become a part of the conversation!