How To Use Twitter Polls At Your School

When people come to Twitter, they want to express something to the world. It’s them writing a simple message and them knowing that people are going to see it”.
— Jack Dorsey - Co-Founder of Twitter

As of the 21st October 2015 Twitter introduced "Twitter Polls". Polls are a truly unique way of interacting with your audience on Twitter.

Sure everyone knows what a poll is (hopefully) but it's important to understand how and why to use the poll functionality on Twitter.  

For schools, it’s a new way to engage with Twitter’s massive audience and understand exactly what people think. For those participating, it’s a very easy way to make your voice heard.

What are Twitter Polls? 

Polls on Twitter aren’t a totally new concept. In fact people have been running polls on Twitter for a long time through either a “retweet/favourite to vote” mechanism.

It was the popularity of the above style of tweets which rather forced Twitter's hand into making the native Twitter poll functionality. 

The Nuts and bolts

  • Twitter Polls are limited to four answer options
  • Polls have a lifespan of up to a week. Tweeters are informed of how long is left to vote, and how many people have voted as well as the results in percentage. 
  • How you voted is not shared publicly (so no one else will be able to see which option you voted for) 
  • Once a poll is completed the results can be viewed publicly. 

How do I add a Twitter Poll? 

Adding a Twitter poll is very, very simple. But we will show how to add a poll - because we are nice like that :) 


1. Click to compose a tweet. Type in your question as you would normally to type a tweet. Click on the 'Add Poll' symbol shown below.

2. From here Twitter will give you spaces to enter your answers for the poll. Simply click "Add a choice" to add more options (4 maximum) - Remember you can use emojis in your answers if you wish to do so :) 

3. Once you have inserted all of your answers you can choose the poll length. The poll can be up to one week long. - This may be handy for a pinned tweet.

What should I be asking? 

For personal accounts you can ask your audience anything from where you should go on holiday to what you should eat for breakfast tomorrow. There is something exciting in a way to allow your audience to make a choice for you. 

Obviously schools may be slightly more limited, but there is still a wealth of options for what schools can post about. 

  • Ask about the most convenient dates for open days
  • Ask questions about lessons, get parents involved 
  • Ask which Christmas carol the students should perform
  • Ask parents what social channels they use most (research!) 

Quiz/test your pupils!

Departmental Twitter accounts should be quizzing their pupils, with Twitter Polls. Just learned about photosynthesis? Create a poll on Twitter, and test your pupils.

The idea for Twitter Polls is to give your Twitter community a voice and to build a relationship with your followers.

Are you going to use Twitter Polls?