Why you MUST be LIVE streaming at your school

Live streaming has been around for a long long time. In fact, Periscope was first launched in March 2015

Towards the end of 2017, people were beginning to really take notice of live streaming. Top social media companies were investing time in development and advertising to see it become more culturally used.

Today, different social media platforms like...

  • Twitter (Periscope)
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Musical.ly
  • Tumblr
  • Twitch

...all have live streaming functions. This is a real indication for a public desire to broadcast to the world!

We have noticed schools slowly taking up live streaming, but the time to understand and utilise it is now! Trends in tech and digital marketing are so fluid - it is important to not fall behind.

Did you know?

Why schools should be live streaming

Live streaming is a really intimate method of delivering engaging content to your school community. For a parent, it can prove a really effective way to feel close to the action and offer an emotional understanding of what their child does at your school. 

It’s the truest form of authenticity on social media. You show what is REALLY happening at your school. Right now. In real-time! 

Where can I live stream?

There are a growing number of streaming services but the important ones for your school to take note of are:

  • Twitter: Periscope is Twitter's platform for broadcasting a live stream. We love Periscope, as it offers an instant method to share top #SchoolStories with your community. Gain more engagement by promoting your broadcast before it goes live. Follow Periscope's latest news, tips and features blog, to stay ahead with the platform.
  • Facebook: with Facebook LIVE you have all the power of live streaming with the sheer reach offered by social media leader, Facebook. Feel inspired by these past Live videos, and see how people have been connecting with their followers.
  • Instagram: users now have the ability to add live streams to give their Instagram Stories extra clout. This has proven an incredibly popular feature for Instagram. Live streams will disappear after the broadcast ends (but you can save and upload as a story).

The three above are the most notable for your school, as each can be implemented into your marketing strategy effectively. Below are a few more worth noting (but less inclined towards school marketing efforts).

  • YouTube: the video-centric platform has taken to live video streams as naturally as a fish does to water (which you can watch live on YouTube - above!) There are some current stipulations to being able to broadcast on YouTube Live (such as 10,000+ subscribers), making this a harder channel for schools to obtain. Check the YouTube Live channel for a real smorgasbord of live streams.
  • Twitch: the world’s leading social video platform for video game culture. Twitch is incredibly popular with the gaming community and younger people, with new consoles having their own Twitch services so anyone can broadcast their gaming to the world. Not a huge platform for schools to use, but a big one to know about!
  • Snapchat: the popular ephemeral messaging app is getting a live video update, but it will not allow users to broadcast in the same way.

The platform will differ according to your school marketing needs, the #ContentStrategy in place and the audience you wish to reach.

Live streaming ideas to try

Not sure how to get started with live streaming? Here are a few great ideas to get you thinking about what broadcasting can offer:

[1] Virtual tours of the school

If you’re an international school, or have international students, this is a no-brainer. 

When people are restricted by location, live streaming gives them access to see the school and have that one-to-one attention to get what they need from you.

The school can also schedule virtual open days to a wider, larger audience.

[2] Assemblies

Head’s assemblies happen. There’s no need to think of content, or stories, or anything. You just hold your smartphone and stream the assemblies. Simple.

It’s a great way for parents to check in and connect, offering them a unique insight into your school's culture.

[3] Lessons / tutorials

Schools have so much knowledge to share. Why not share this online? People (outside of the school’s community) can watch the streaming and share.

This can help you be seen as an educational resource and help increase the awareness of your school’s brand.

Perhaps you could do a weekly ‘lesson’. Each week a different department teaches something interesting. 

There’s also the altruistic view of helping the world gain access to education.

[4] Sports day

Don't let parents miss out on seeing their child win the 100m or break the school's javelin record! 

Plan in advance and broadcast each event. Share event times to parents ahead of the day, so they can tune into the ones their child is taking part in. 

[5] Science experiments

Science experiments happen all the time. These are the types of streams that do not require thought or ideas, they just happen. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and you’re ready to stream. 

This is a quick win. Just get on and stream! 

[6] Concerts & performances

Sometimes parents and family members can’t make it to performances but wish they could. Live streaming gives them the ability to watch live from anywhere in the world. 

Just be clear about how they can view and ensure that the set up works (i.e. is the recording device stable? Does it have enough battery or is plugged into a power source?)

A few tips

We have written an article for using Facebook Live, which is filled with some handy tips that can be implemented across other channels easily. Be sure to give it a read!

Live streaming is in the moment. If you want to tune in, you have to do it NOW. Fear of missing out will increase your social engagement. 


Has your school tried live streaming yet? How will you use it? Let us know ✍️