25 Tweets to send before Christmas #SocialAdvent 2017

Schools using social media is becoming a big deal. The ability to reach large audiences, both within and external to your community, is a core facet of your school's marketing efforts.

Being active on social media is key. However, this can be difficult to maintain with good momentum all year round. To help, we have created a festive, social media orientated event that runs throughout December. We call it #SocialAdvent.

Yes, the #SocialAdvent Challenge is back for 2017! It's bigger and better than ever before! 

For 25 days, we set a different challenge. These challenges will help guide you in new ways to create content or use different areas of social media more effectively. The idea is that you will be able to share content that your community will be interested in.

How to play:

We will be monitoring #SocialAdvent every day and picking our favourite posts for each challenge. The winner becomes immortalised in our #SocialAdvent Calendar.

Make sure you check back here each day to see all the winners and the challenge of the day.


Day 1: Season's Greetings

DAY 1 WINNER: @FelstedSchool πŸ†

Day 2: The Memeing of Xmas

DAY 2 WINNER: @Kingsley_School πŸ†

Day 3: Stocking Fillers

DAY 3 WINNER: @UrsulinePrep πŸ†

Day 4: What a Cracker

DAY 4 WINNER: @EagleHouseSch πŸ†

Day 5: I'm a Celeb

DAY 5 WINNER: @NottsHigh πŸ†

Day 6: Happy Poll-idays

DAY 6 WINNER: @BansteadPrep πŸ†

Day 7: Once Upon a Time on Xmas

DAY 7 WINNER: @britishschoolro πŸ†

Day 8: Rockin' Around the #Timelapse Tree

DAY 8 WINNER: @ShiplakeCollege πŸ†

Day 9: The Jolly Postman

DAY 9 WINNER: @SFSOxford πŸ†

Day 10: The Xmas-Factor

DAY 10 WINNER: @HPS_School πŸ†

Day 11: Paparazzi!