6 Vines To Create Over The Next 6 Weeks


Vine is a channel that is under utilised by schools. It is a great tool for schools to use to tell stories, quickly and creatively.

You’ve only got 6 seconds, so make it short and sweet! The most successful Vines are those that are either entertaining or useful.

To help get you started with Vine, here are 6 Vines that you can share over the next 6 weeks.

  1. Get your pupils to sell your school
  2. Overview of a sports match
  3. Ask your pupils to share their favourite books
  4. Share some art work
  5. Music performance
  6. Come up with something creative!

Hopefully, these 6 Vines will give you a great introduction to the social channel.

Share your entries with #SchoolsOnVine.

PS: Need some inspiration? Take a look at 2013’s best branded Vines. Wow.