Daily Summary of #SocialAdvent

Throughout the 25 days, we will be sharing our favourite tweets. This is a fantastic opportunity for school marketers to see how other schools tweet and communicate. It’s also a great bit of fun!

If you haven’t seen them already, take a look at the 25 tweets to share through December.

@SexeysSchool Kicks it off with this festive tweet!

Day 1

Best Video. We enjoyed @bablakeschool’s introductory video

Day 2

#Hashtag. Hashtags should spur a conversation. That’s why @KingsGroupSL’s is our favourite for the day.  

Day 3

Comedian. Wow, day 3 was full of hilarity. We particularly loved @AdcoteSchool’s joke. It was funny, festive and related to schools!

Day 4

InstaHero. It is still early in the day but we really like this Instagram photo from @thedustonschool.

Day 5

The Foody. This day has been fabulous! There have been lots of tasty looking dishes on display and a range of schools participating. It’s been very difficult to choose our favourite but this tweet from @RGSHW was unique. It was good to see the pupils involved in cooking their meals. 

Day 6

Snappy Happy. On day 6 schools shared a picture from a recent event. We particularly liked this one from @RP_Society.

Day 7

Historian. Today schools shared a piece of history. There were lots of great facts coming out of the ‘On this day…’ tweets, and our favourite came from @GayhurstSchool.

Day 8

Traveller. Schools shared a picture from a recent (or current) trip. Our favourite tweet was from @LordWandsworth. We love historical photos!

Day 9

A Fine Vine. Sell your school in 6 seconds using Vine. There were lots of fun and creative videos coming through! The most creative came from @GayhurstSchool who made fun and playful use of stop motion.

Day 10

Joker. Share a Christmas pun to make your followers chuckle! Schools shared some very funny puns - we laughed a lot! Our favourite came from @KingsGroupSL.

Day 11

Snowman. Share a snowman related tweet (preferably a photo!). It was good to see the variety of tweets - some shared photos of real snowmen, some of paintings. We loved the creativity! Our favourite came from @LordWandsworth, who shared this huge and historic snowman!

Day 12

Celeb. Get a retweet from a celebrity or famous alumni. This was always going to be tricky, and we wanted to see how creative you could be to get a retweet. For pure successfulness, we have to give best tweet of the day to @BromsSchool who receive two retweets from famous alumni.

Day 13

Carol Singers. Post an audio clip of your school singing a carol. We enjoyed seeing the tweets come through because it was interesting to see what channels schools would use to post audio clips - SoundCloud, YouTube etc. @TrentCollege posted theirs via SoundCloud, which we think is the best channel to use for audio.

Day 14

Motivational Speaker. Tweet an inspiring quote. We love to inspire, so this day was a great one for us to watch. We particularly loved this quote from Walt Disney, tweeted by @TrentCollege.

Day 15

Tree Hugger. Post a picture of a Christmas tree. #SocialAdvent is a global hashtag and we enjoyed this tweet from Tokyo, courtesy of @BST_Principal.

Day 16

Poller. To begin the week, schools conducted a Favourite/Retweet poll. Pose a question to their community (Retweet for Yes / Favourite for No). Our favourite was from @PriorParkPrep.

Day 17

Congratulator. The aim was to share a congratulatory tweet to somebody. Our favourite was from @britishschoolro.

Day 18

Factoid. Schools shared interesting facts and this tweet from @royalhighbath certainly taught us a fact and made us laugh!

Day 19

Viral Sharer. Our favourite article was this 'feel good’ article tweeted by @KingsGroupSL.

Day 20

Influencer. Schools are suggesting new accounts to follow. We thought Bablake’s tweet was a great example of sharing and influencing projects.

Day 21

Statistician. Discover and share an interesting stat. We obviously love social media stats, so our favourite was from @TrentCollege. This a great little stat:

Day 22

Reporter. The idea behind this challenge was to share a tweet about your local community. Our favourite came from @BablakeSchool.

Day 23

Record Player. To encourage conversation, the challenge for day 23 was for schools to either share their favourite Christmas song to pose the question to their followers.

Day 24

Messenger. For Christmas Eve, the challenge for schools was to share a festive message. Our favourite came from @TrentCollege.

Day 25

Santa. It’s Christmas Day!! The challenge was to share a Merry Christmas tweet (and you could schedule it!) our favourite came from @BromsSchool.