Should we be using Instagram to engage our younger audience?

School Marketer:We want to engage our younger audience. Should we be using Instagram?
Interactive Schools:Instagram is a great channel to engage with a younger audience. We are seeing a shift away from Facebook to more niche mobile platforms, such as Instagram, with the 13-18 demographic.
School Marketer:Could we be publishing notifications, posters and letters?
Interactive Schools:I think it would best to keep Instagram predominantly photo based. For Instagram, I would suggest posting great photography with beautiful backgrounds and texture. Then the occasional poster, or informational post, can go up - it is about balance. People need a reason to follow you.
School Marketer:Any schools using it well?
Interactive Schools:There’s a list of schools that use Instagram here - It is all American schools but you can get a good idea of the types of photos that work well on Instagram. Take a look.