#DigitalJedi Flickr Training Stage 1: #SocialPadawan


Welcome! If you have stumbled across this blog you must be in search of guidance. In search of truth, the truth of how to use The Flickr. I have been expecting you.

The first stage of your #DigitalJedi training is about to begin.

Yet you may be wondering, what is Flickr?

Flickr is an image and video hosting website, it comes with a free and pro version. While the free version is a good starting point, the real treats of Flickr are found in its Pro version. A Pro subscription will provide you with services such as unlimited storage, partner discounts, advanced stats, and increased exposure.

Now...your training begins.


Stage 1: #SocialPadawan

The first step is to create your account, think of this as crashing down on #Dagobah and finding your #DigitalJedi stood there, ready to train you!

Much like Twitter, (which you can become a master of in our helpful blog series), Flickr allows you to upload a profile and header image. Try and keep the two consistent and clear within the borders offered to make your account appear professional and POP!

Now you can make the decision, how will you structure your account? Will you divide photos into albums by subject? Or by year group? The choices are endless, and they are yours.

The benefit of Flickr is this ability to organise your photos into albums with easy and instant access, relieving the stress of trying to find all of the Sports Day photos in the stream.

Create an album by clicking the ‘Album’ tab and selecting ‘new album’. The page it will bring you to will allow you to rename the album and (when you have the content) move images from your account into the album. This same process also applies when creating a gallery.

After you have decided how you will post, now it is time to post. To metaphorically front flip over a rock, while we, your humble #DigitalJedi, cling safely to your back.

You can upload multiple images at once, keep in mind free accounts are limited to a maximum of 1000 images, this may seem like a lot now, but a year of #SchoolStories will see this number fall fast!

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 11.02.37.png

With your image(s) uploaded you will land on this page. At this stage of your journey, the multiple options may scare you, a disturbance to your confidence. Fear not! For now, we shall keep things simple. Simply update the description of your photo(s) and add them to an album, either the one you made earlier or create a new one from the ‘Add to albums’ pop-up.


The task now is to turn your attention away from yourself, turn to those around you (on Flickr) click on the Flickr name in the top left and explore all of the images presented to you.

This time is to be spent exploring, seeing what others post and, if you like it, favouriting images by clicking the star in the bottom right of an image.

Stage 1 is now complete, you have proven yourself to be a resourceful and well-rounded #SocialPadawan. The next steps will all help you pull your X-Wing from the Swamp and join the @intschools rebellion. But that is not for today, today young #SocialPadawan, you shall rest. Fill in the form below for your exclusive access code to the next stages.

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