#DigitalJedi Twitter Training Stage 1: #SocialPadawan


Do you know your retweets from your lists? Your pins from your moments? Make sure you’ve brought your lightsaber because this 5-step guide will take you from a #SocialPadawan to a #DigitalJedi.

Let’s commence your training with stage 1.

Stage 1: #SocialPadawan

So, you’ve taken the first step of signing up to a Twitter account. You see the blue screen in front of you and a plethora of opportunities, but where to start?

Constructing your #SchoolStories:

  1. The first thing you need to think about is what content you’d like to post. What is the subject/point of your tweet?

  2. Next, condense those words. 280 characters sounds a lot but can soon run out!

  3. Then, add media. There is nothing worse than a tweet about the BEST event ever and then no photo or video!

  4. Tag your tweet: #love, #beautiful, #summertime, #nobodycares!

    Twitter for marketing is about categorising and archiving what you share. Although it is impossible to own a hashtag, simply adding your school name/abbreviation can make a huge difference. E.g. #intSchoolsLIVE. A #GenericHashtag will just get lost in a sea of unrelated content.

Here are some great examples from our schools sharing their #SchoolStories:


  • Make sure to mention (@) any relevant departments or other accounts. If you are tweeting from the main school account about art, why not give the art department some love by mentioning them in the tweet? Then, the art department can engage with your content and share the love back!

  • If you see another department sending out great content, slide into their direct messages (DMs), letting them know what a great tweet it was?!

Congratulations on completing Stage 1 of your training.


Come back tomorrow for #DigitalJedi Twitter training stage 2 to take the next step and become a #SocialDroid!

If you feel like you need more training, our #SocialJedi team here at Interactive Schools will be with you, always. Send an email to social@interactiveschools.com to plan in an INSET training date now.