Every school goes on trips. What makes yours so different?

Every school goes on trips. Every school does sports. Every school has concerts. But what is it that makes your school different?

How do you reflect the personality, the culture, the ethos, the values of your school? You do this through storytelling.

We’ve visited hundreds of schools around the world. On the face, many are the same - for example, a co-educational independent school for 3-18 year olds.

  • A school that provides an exceptional education.
  • One that develops well-rounded individuals.
  • A school that nurtures individuals.
  • A traditional school, with a modern approach.

We’ve heard it all before.

But when we come and actually visit the school, we see how different you all are! It’s not until we get through the door that we see what makes you unique - the buildings, the pupils, the staff, the people, the ethos, the personality.

There’s always something unique that sticks with us - that makes us remember you.

By sharing photos, videos, you get a much more authentic and true view of the school. Parents love it because they get to see photos and videos of their children. Prospects love it because it shows opportunity.

You, as the marketer, can’t be everywhere all of the time. But there must always be something exciting happening! All you need is one department to start sharing their stories for it to take off.

It’s a perfect way for people to get a feel for the school before visiting.

How have you started to tell your school’s story? Tweet us @intSchools, email us, phone us, write us a letter to let us know. Whatever you fancy.

Do you need help telling these stories? Let us know, and we perhaps we can come and train you and your staff?