Social Metrics - Conversation Rate

One of the benefits of social media is its ability to create conversations. We want conversations on all of our social channels to increase engagement and visibility. If you don’t encourage conversations then you are just going back to the old model of marketing - shouting your message at people and hoping they will listen. 

Fortunately, this is no longer the case and marketing is much more conversational. 

We measure this using conversation rate: 

     Conversation Rate = # of Audience Comments (or Replies) Per Post

A break down by channel:

  • Blogs - # of comments
  • Twitter - # of @replies
  • Facebook - # of comments
  • YouTube - # of comments
  • Flickr - # of comments

Use this metric to work out which types of posts and content create the conversations. You can also look into the sentiment. Are they positive, valuable conversations?

This metric can also be segmented into the specific channels that you are posting to. Which channels creates the most conversations? Are there different types of content that works best? 

Share your feedback and any tips you have for schools on measuring social media.