Social Metrics - Amplification Rate

There are simple ways to make your social media endeavors much more measurable and actionable. One of our favourite metrics to use is amplification rate. We touched upon this recently in our post about how to manage and engage with your social media community. In the next few of weeks we will begin to post some of our other favourite metrics that you can use to help measure your ROI of social media. 

The reason we love amplification rate is because it takes into account much more than just your primary networks (followers, fans etc.). Becoming a follower involves social investment on the followers behalf and not everybody is necessarily willing to invest their social capital in brands. Also, not all of your target audience is aware of you.

Amplification rate takes into account your secondary network too - the network of your networks.

At the time of writing, we have 1340 followers on Twitter but our network reach is 8,143,649. This is essential to understand as whenever people share your content it feeds into their networks and increases your visibility. 

Amplification rate for social channels

Twitter - # of retweets per post

Facebook - # of shares per post

Google+ - # of shares per post

YouTube - # of social sharing clicks 

Blog - # of social sharing clicks 

Have you been using amplification rate? What are your favourite metrics? Let us know in the comments.