What you can learn from Google's guide to search engines

Yesterday, Google released a brilliant interactive guide to how search engines work. School marketers should use the guide to gain a better understand of the basics of SEO and how search is performed. 

Google break the guide up into 3 parts: 

  1. Crawling & Indexing
  2. Algorithms
  3. Fighting Spam

The first section will help you understand how Google finds and extracts data from your website. This can enable you to start making your website more search friendly.

The second section shows you how Google serves up its search results. Marketers need to know this so that your school can deliver fresh, relevant content.

The third, and final section, talks about Google’s long standing fight against spam. Google have upped their game with spam and automatically remove any webpages they believe are spam. This is essential to know because your website may be being punished for unintentional spam infringements.

Schools should use this guide to help better understand how search engines work. This will help form the basis for you to develop your SEO knowledge.

View the interactive guide to search.