#DigitalJedi Twitter Training Stage 4: #SocialSith


Do you know your retweets from your lists? Your pins from your moments? Make sure you’ve brought your lightsaber because this 5-step guide will take you from a #SocialPadawan to a #DigitalJedi.

Let’s continue your training with stage 4.

Stage 4: #SocialSith

You’ve made it this far and are tempted by THE DARK SIDE of Twitter… Put your Twitter in dark mode for Stage 4 of your training, as this is your biggest test yet! 😱

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 15.41.39.png

  • Finding yourself using up your 280 characters with long links? Use bit.ly to shorten those links and save yourself valuable writing space! For a small fee, you can even customise your bit.ly shortener to fit with your branding. E.g. SchoolByt.es.

  • Got a big event coming up? Or had a big event and want to share all of the tweets about it in one place? Twitter Moments are the place to share this. This great tool allows you to curate your own content and share it with your followers. Find out our TOP tips for creating your own moments here: http://blog.interactiveschools.com/blog/how-to-set-up-twitter-moments-for-your-school

  • So, you’ve used Twitter but have you tried out their partner, Periscope? This app is directly linked to your Twitter account and allows you to share live videos as they’re happening. Here are some ideas for a live video:  

    1. A virtual tour

    2. Sports days

    3. Open day build-up

    4. A special assembly

    5. School performances

Read our live streaming blog to find out more live video tips: (http://blog.interactiveschools.com/blog/why-you-must-use-live-streaming-at-your-school).

Come back tomorrow for #DigitalJedi Twitter training stage 5 to complete your training and become a #DigitalJedi! You’ll be able to download a certificate of completion.

If you feel like you need more training, our #SocialJedi team here at Interactive Schools will be with you, always. Send an email to social@interactiveschools.com to plan in an INSET training date now.